This is my copywriting process from initial “hellos” to revenue-generating copy.

This is my copywriting process from initial “hellos” to revenue-generating copy.

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Not all projects need every step, so we evaluate what to use and when.

   STEP 1

Research & Discovery

The research phase is all about getting to know your ideal customer. Knowing your target customer’s needs and motivations gives us the best chance of crafting copy that converts. The closer the match, the higher the conversions!

I’ll put together a personalized research plan to get to know everything about your company, your products, and the people you’re selling to. This way, I’ll know exactly what’s important to them before I start writing.

Your research plan will include:

Voice of customer research to identify the specific language your customers use to describe their pain points

Customer interviews and surveys to create a profile of your ideal customer

In-depth profile of your company to pinpoint what makes your offering unique

Comprehensive market analysis to uncover your competitors’ positioning

   STEP 2

Writing & Wireframing

Here, we take everything we’ve learned from our research, and put it down on the page. It’s a straightforward process merging copywriting, UX design principles, psychology, and the latest techniques in conversion optimization.

I’ll craft your copy, focusing on the specific pain points uncovered in the research phase, and present your offer so irresistibly that it becomes an obvious choice for your audience.

Expect to receive a polished first draft in your inbox, usually even before the deadline.

Delivarebles include:

Unlimited revisions to maximize specificity and credibility

Notes, comments and insights for the wireframes so you’re armed with all you need to understand my thought process

Desktop + mobile conversion optimized copywriting and wireframes

   STEP 3

Testing & Validation

The journey doesn’t end with the launch of your copy. This is when we begin to monitor its performance, gathering data to further refine and optimize its effectiveness.

With your copy now reaching actual customers, it’s time to dive deeper into your analytics and identify what’s working and what’s not.

I’ll be there for a while and assist in testing potential improvements, ensuring your copy performs even better.

Included tests:

User recording for validating the user test findings with more data

Heatmaps, scroll maps, attention maps to validate the user flow and spot any friction points

Google Analytics for tracking improvements

A/B testing to iterate and optimize

Here’s what we work on in every custom project:

Here’s what we work on in every custom project:

  • Website copywriting (homepage, features and how it works pages, about pages etc)
  • Free trial, onboarding and upgrade email sequences
  • Landing pages and funnels

New potential customers are landing on your site every second.

New potential customers are landing on your site every second.

Will you be ready to convert them?
Will you be ready to convert them?
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